Gale Harold

He looks very good in the new CW show a Hellcats. When I first saw I was wow its Brian! He still has the same facial expressions!

friends page

Can someone help me? For some reason when I go to my friends page its all blurry and the font is very small. I do not know how to fix it.

Looking forward to school being over and going on vacation

Tomorrow is my last day of school until January.  We are doing to essay prompts from October Sky. I have had the book for all semester but still havent read it. Well I did so bad in the class that I am retaking the class again next semester, along with my english class. I am so not looking forward to it. I am 19 yrs old and I still am not responsible enough to do all homework assignments. It was a very hard transition to go from high school to college. Out of all three of my classes I only passed one class and that was my computer class. Plus my computer professer was the only one I really liked. My English teacher wasn't so bad though.

On saturday I leave for kansas. It is a 28 hr drive east from where I  live, but it's going to be even longer because of the weather.  I will finally get away from home. My uncle and cousin live in my house and it sucks. It seems like everytime I turn my back something is missing. My cousin steals and there is no way I can prove it. My uncle spoils her rottern. Plus he believes anything she says. Everytime I am on my computer she watches everything I do. Even though it belongs to me. Hell she gets mad at me when I tell her not to go to a certain site because it wil freeze the computer. And then my uncle questions what I do on the computer. I am 19 yrs old a legal adult. Its like none of  his business.   Well I got to go to dinner. TTUL.

Looking for a Story

I am looking for a story where Ryan gets abused by his mother when he was young, she left really bad scars on his back. The whole team finds out and has Eric stay with him. Ryan tries  to commit suicide by taking anti depressants.

Is there any other fics where Eric takes care of Ryan?

Three Days Left

I have three days left of school and I cant wait for it to be over. I am so glad that it is going to be summer. I have two months school free. But I just have to work more. I am going to go to LA for a week with some family. We are going to check out all the parks down there. I hope I get a chance to look up a friend while I am down there. I have left is finals in school. 
  Since summer is here it means I get to catch up on my reading! I love CSI Miami slash my favorite pairins is Horatio with any male charecter. I love House! He is awsome. He is good with Wilson and Chase. Xander from BTVS is awsome. I love slash. So if anyone has good recamindations I would be very grateful!! Well this is enought writing for now. I will write more later. Thanks!

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